@The Squid: I agree with you. Every piece of a Transmedia Story must stand on its own. You shouldn't need to have seen any of the other pieces of story to enjoy whatever it is you're checking out. » 8/30/09 7:05pm 8/30/09 7:05pm

Great article. Serialization on TV is very difficult to sustain at the creative end for many reasons. Writing staff churn at all levels is one. Lack of a clear process and workflow to monitor the serialized elements is another. Other than the one and only JMS doing it all on Babylon 5, I think the staff of 24 did… » 8/29/09 12:26pm 8/29/09 12:26pm

NBC is being super cool to me. Angela Bromstad and everyone at the network loves the pilot and is committed to the show. My writers start next week and we're gonna scribble are butts off to make every episode of DAY ONE awesome! If it tanks — it's on me. » 8/08/09 12:34pm 8/08/09 12:34pm